Monday, 6 February 2017

Five Useful Tools For Mobile App Developers

For close to two decades, mobile devices have risen to become the fastest growing platform in IT. 

IT shops and software publishers are doing everything possible to make mobile applications available in all platforms from smartphones to tablets and even smart watches. 

Mobile app developers always battle over which path to take when it comes to mobile app development. One such path involves the mobile application opening up a site page without developing separate applications for every platform. The reality is, of course, not as simple as the notion. The other path involves developing an app dedicated to each mobile device. It is usually cost effective and comes with its advantages.

The conclusion mobile app development company reach in is that no single method exists for creating mobile apps. 

Five Useful Tools for App Developers

It can often be challenging and costly for app developers to create a new app. With this in mind, here is a list of some low code builders for mobile app development.

1. Alpha Anywhere

This rapid expansion, database oriented tool, excels at creating native and hybrid mobile apps that are capable of running offline. It gives app developers the opportunity to create useful apps quickly with excellent performance, look and features. 

The Alpha Anywhere has quite a good SQL database support that gives you the choice of native SQL dialects of each database if you prefer or the option of going with the Portable SQL facility that is capable of producing the right native SQL for the current connection. It has a complete support system for offline mobile operations and can also reduce the occurrence of data conflict resolution logic to a few clicks. 

2. App Press

App Press is an app creator that targets iPhones, iPads, and Android applications. It is a no-code app maker. It is a favorite of designers. App Press makes use of a Photoshop-like interface for screen assembly using visual assets and layers. It is a cloud-based platform. The program creators boast that you can design an app in one day using app press and with experience, even create up to five a day. It can also be used to train new designers. 

3. EachScape

The EachScape platform is a cloud-based unified, drag-and-drop editor specifically for developing native Android and iOS apps. EachScape provides mobile back-end services, and for all apps built on the platform. It also includes an online build service. 

4. Salesforce1 and Lightning

The Salesforce platform is useful for developers of all skill levels. You can find several interesting options for creating mobile apps on Salesforce platform. The easiest level offers users the ability to configure compact layouts together with global and field-specific actions for the mobile app. 

The more advanced levels of Salesforce Mobile SDKs give users the freedom e to access Salesforce data right from hybrid and native apps. It contains various mobile design templates that give app developers the opportunity to create decent looking, easy to use mobile app pages. Along with these options, Salesforce has a new Lightning App Builder together with its component and design system allows for the simple creation of mobile enterprise apps for both tablets and mobile devices. 

5. iBuildApp

iBuildApp is another platform for app developers which offers quality customizable templates for iOS and Android apps. Its developers claim that users can develop an app on its platform within minutes.

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