Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How To Make Your Mobile App Very Successful

There are some features your mobile app must have to make it a success. Whether you are developing it yourself or you intend to use the services of mobile app developers, the success of your app depends on the availability of the following features.

App developers have the technical knowledge to implement your request but you are the one that will tell them exactly what you want. It takes reliable developers to handle your app development but it takes both of you to make it successful. So, you should make sure you discuss all the following tips from the beginning.

The icon of your mobile app has to be very bold and distinctive. This is because the icon serves as a form of advert on the mobile devices of users. Companies advertise their brands on physical billboards erected on strategic locations so that daily passers-by can see the adverts every day.

The icon of your app does the same on the mobile devices of users. As they navigate through their devices they get to see your icon. Do you have any idea how many times each user navigates through his or her phone on a daily basis?

Ensure that your app is very responsive. You might need to avoid including heavy files that will slow it down. Nothing is as annoying as a very slow app. This is very important if some of your customers and app users are based in Africa where internet connection is not strong. A very good app still works well with weak internet signal. It is even possible that some of your users may be on vacation in Africa.

Your also need to ensure that your app is very easy to install and to use. If people seek assistance before they understand your app, then it is not a good one. It will be difficult for you to retain users. Simplicity is wonderful. It should also be intuitive too. The best way to enhance simplicity is to focus on only the features that are relevant to the objectives of the app.

Some people believe that when an app has so many functions and features, it will attract users. This is not true. Rather, it will make your mobile app clumsy and difficult to use. Depending on the purpose of the app, focus on the few important features. This is how to keep it simple.

To exploit the current obsession with social media, your app must be integrated with as many popular social media as possible. You are wondering why? This will make it easy for your app users to share your posts easily. However, they won’t share your posts unless you make them. This is why digital advertising specialists advise that you include a little bit of humor in your posts whether it is a marketing message or an explainer video. The funnier your posts are, the more likely they will share. Take yourself for instance, what do you do when you receive a very hilarious video or message? You share it immediately to make others laugh too. The more your posts are being shared, the more popular your brand will become and your credibility will be boosted.

To regularly assess the performance of your mobile app, you need to include daily analytics in your app. It is very important to be aware of the crash rate of your app and some other important statistics.

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