Friday, 3 February 2017

Top 3 Benefits Of Android App Development For Startups

The mobile technology industry keeps evolving exponentially, with mobile applications been the key driving force behind the industry success. Mobile app developers are capitalizing on this to create apps for the growing mobile digital market. Startups looking at investing or venturing into mobile app development business will profit from the Android app development as it is by far the best way to make your apps gain traction as fast as possible. 

With millions of Android apps in the Google play store, the applications are made out of vast research and study of the needs of the people and add flexibility to the lives of the users.

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There are a lot of benefits for startups with application development. They are; 

1) Flexible to develop for great user experience

The Android platform enables great flexibility - both to the mobile app developers and users. Their framework is customized to ground level, giving a total freedom for custom mobile application development. 

Furthermore, user interface (UI) design and standardization of Android apps are easy to develop and manage, with efficient management of user experience (UX) and authentication of accounts. The graphic features of the apps are exciting too. It features 2D and 3D graphics, giving a perfect graphic experience for the user interface. 

The apps allow for easy web integrations, compared to other frameworks - allowing users access and share information easily to third party websites like the social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and so on). 

2) Low Cost of developing

App development companies and mobile developers who are versatile in this industry know that Android apps have a low cost for development. The apps which support various ranges of Android devices have low costs of maintenance. This is because the unique software development kits (SDKs) are available with little or no charges. The tools required for creating the app can also be downloaded for free. The cost of developing can further be lowered as startups can outsource or hire offshore Android app developer. 

3) Beneficial App Store encouraging fast popularity amongst users

There's full support for apps on Google Play Store (the hub or store for Android apps), as soon as the apps are accepted. The process of getting an app approved or authorized is fast and easy.

Users can easily discover apps on App Store, mostly for free. The app store allows a free flow process for new visitors or users in choosing desired applications. This makes Android apps very accessible to the potential audience. As the app store has full support for developers, there is no delay in putting up important fixes when needed. 

As Android app development uses Java, which is the basic programming language; mobile app developers who have basic knowledge of Java can develop and modify Android apps. Developers can resolve bugs or crashes with Java programming proficiency. Beta apps are also accepted, so you don't necessarily need to have a fully functional app. You could always put up with fixes and modifications as well as the update and launching of latest versions as time goes on. 

Android commands more than 60 percent of the mobile operating system market share globally; it is the leading platform for the new age mobile devices. Devices running on Android are the first choice for users, as they have great features and are affordable. This makes it beneficial for startups to venture into the Android app development business.

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