Monday, 9 January 2017

The Future Of Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented Reality app development is concerned with the integration of digital information with users’ environment and live video in real time. As long as brands and companies around the world continue to work with Augmented Reality, there is no doubt that it is going to be the technology of the future. 

Most people tend to ignore the closely related world of augmented reality (AR) when talking about computer- altered realities. They tend to focus most of their attention on Virtual Reality. However, the recent ground-breaking Augmented Reality app development is causing a stir in the mobile world with the emergence of numerous applications that are now changing the way people see and learn from their environments.

The starting point of AR growth in the mobile world began when online e-commerce websites - Caratlane and Lenskart - firstly introduced Augmented Reality apps into their business applications. These companies used their online e-commerce channels to enable users get a foretaste of how products looked on them before launching out to purchase them. This did not only bring about huge success but also opened the way for several other businesses to follow suit. 

The gapped bridge between the real world and the digital world presents the biggest advantage of Augmented Reality. From 3D experiences to interactive games, the marketing and promotion of digital products are now been offered a whole different level through exceptional options. 

Now, many company business models are experiencing tremendous revolution with mobile Augmented Reality apps. Due to its easy downloadable features and dynamic uses on any smartphone, these apps are gaining steady, rapid growth in popularity. 

The first AR social media platform was recently introduced when a social media app – Snapchat – employed a simpler version of Augmented Reality app in its Snapchat Lenses. This became a differentiator for the app due to its ability to superimpose various graphic designs and images on the face of the user. This app has suddenly become a rave among the youth community. At the moment, several advertisers in their numbers are pulling away from Facebook and Instagram as a result of this technology. 

The next stage of app development in the mobile world is already around the corner with the current influx of many Virtual Reality gears and glasses into the mass market. In fact, it came with no surprises at all when Facebook CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the company was working on Augmented Reality glasses. 

Obviously, AR is rightly on the path to becoming the technology that will bring about the needed change (transformation) in mobile app development with Google’s glasses and Facebook’s Augmented Reality glasses becoming mainstream. 

No doubt any mobile app development company that adopts this technology is bound to gain a greater edge above other companies. 

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