Monday, 30 January 2017

Re-Shape Web Development With Progressive Web App

By now, you might have heard a couple of times that progressive web apps are the future of mobile. They are expected to give native app experience to users. Progressive web apps will drive the mobile web forward, bringing balance between the web and native applications. It is an upcoming technology that helps app developers India to reach out large user base beyond the walls of the rigid App and Play store. Well, that's all fine but, what is exactly Progressive Web App?

In simple words, Progressive Web App takes the benefit of modern browser capabilities to deliver native app-like user experience.”

Native applications developed by mobile app development company are capable of sending a push notification, work in an offline manner, load on the home screen and so on. Mobile web applications that accessed in the browser does not hold capabilities to act like native apps. Progressive Web App is the way to fix things through a development of new web API using modern browser capabilities to deliver native app like experience.

How Does Progressive Web Apps Decide The Future Of Web Development?

In general, whenever you click on a website link, your browser will send the request to the server. Server will again send back the requested content to the browser. In this way, current request and response are generated.

Website extended with Progressive Web Apps adds an extra layer in the entire process. Here, when a user clicks on the website link, instead of requesting web server, the request query is passed to service worker that shows website content regardless of internet connection. It means, now we can develop a full-fledged offline version of our existing websites that allow users to enjoy seamless browsing experience if in case they drop their internet connection in between.

Not only that, Google has also introduced some interesting features in chrome browser followed by Firefox and Opera in their browsers.

What Features Separate Progressive Web Apps From Regular Websites?

There are many features that separate PWA from the regular website. Here, I am explaining some important features that cornerstone for the evolution of PWA.

1. Add To Home Screen

Now, this new technology has allowed us to add Progressive Web Apps in our tablets and smartphones. It means just like an app, we can install websites without peeping inside the App or Play store.

The upgradations in browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Opera will prompt users asking them if they want to install progressive web apps or not.

2. Offline Functionality

While it's possible to develop full fledge offline version of any website, it's also possible to develop similar offline error message like 400 error message. We can also make customization in our offline screen. Whenever any error occurred, it displays company's contact information and logo.

For users that are restricted with 2G or 3G data plans, this technology revolutionizes the availability of websites across the world. Users who are not interested in spending their maximum time online, PWA benefits them as service worker cache website information and display them in offline mode.

3. Optimal Caching

As Progressive Web Apps enable caching feature that stores cached website content on a visitors device, it works well. Caching when coupled with app shell that contains all Scripts, Images, and Stylesheets, Google has created a technology that loads web page faster by 25% as compared to the traditional cached website.

This technology is most suited for an e-commerce website that helps them to earn good amount of revenue within the shorter time duration.

4. Push Notification

With the advancement of HTML5, you can access hardware specification that was only possible in native apps earlier. What it means is now you can access all hardware specification like microphone, camera etc. from a web server and browser. One of the most interesting features is push notification. As majority audience are habitual to check push notification, it is one of the best features to increase user engagement rate.

Want Your Online Website To Be Progressive?

If any online site wants to be recognized as having Progressive Web App installed on the server – If they want to include the prompt button “Add to home screen” for users, here is some set of requirements set by Google that needs to be fulfilled.

1. Website must be visited twice within 5 minutes interval
2. Having Secure HTTP connection
3. Valid JSON Manifest installed
4. Valid service worker installed

Progressive Web Apps have shown tremendous results so far in terms of conversion rate, retention rate, and engagement rate. As Progressive Web Apps allows website owners and business to develop an app-like experience with such cheaper and useful technology, the future seems to be bright and shiny. Let's see how this technology will bring changes in further app development. 

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