Tuesday, 3 January 2017

3 Common Pre-Launch Mistakes For Mobile Apps

Without the guidance of a developer, you may make mistakes before the launch of your app. In some cases, inexperienced Indian app developers still make these mistakes before it's time to launch. Such errors can lead to serious setbacks to the mobile app development success:

1. Skipping a Thorough Market Research
Researching the major players in the category your app will operate on can give you an accurate knowledge of what your target audience values in an app. Neglecting this step can affect your mobile app negatively. Proper research will help your mobile app development company build an app that will interest people.

Considering the following questions will help you to on your market research:

  • On what basis are other apps named?
  • Are they remarkable?
  • Which categories do they target?
  • Which exact keywords are they rated high for?

A good examination is very useful in getting your app recognized and utilized by the right audience after launch. To get started on your market research for mobile application development, you can create an excel sheet and list the key features of your app. 

This list will help you to discover where your app stands against the competition. Ranking all the apps will help you to find out if you omitted any key feature your competitors included in their own. 

Study the reviews on your competitors’ products and make a list of all of the good and bad comments. This will help you discern what your audience value as well as their significant needs. Making a list of the repeated feature requests and doing the same for other competing products will help you to stay ahead of the game.

2. Not Having a Feedback Loop
Assuming that you spent lots of time developing features that you think will make your app a must have once it’s out is not a good idea. You may ask your team to endeavor to send their feedback about the app to you. However, they are not the real target users of your app, so their opinion counts for little. Beta testing is vital because it is the first chance to get some unbiased, honest feedback from your target audience. 

Identify your target customer, find out which channels will have best to reach out to them, and recruit beta testers. “Test Flight” can be an amazing platform when it comes to organizing beta testing before lunch. The number of testers you will need depends on a how many elements you want to test. 

3. Delaying in Marketing the App
The completion of app development and its release might seem like the most important aspect of the process. However, making sure that your app gets recognized and downloaded is equally if not more important.

Starting marketing for an app is one of the most disregarded areas of app development as companies often make the mistake of getting the marketing team involved in the app development process too late in the product development phase. This can also disrupt the overall success of the App. 

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