Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Five Questions You Should Ask When Choosing App Developers In India

If you have an app idea but you don't have the necessary programming skills your best bet to bringing your idea to life is to hire the services of a professional developer.

There are so many half-baked developers in India and the rest of the world for that matter. 

These are five questions you should ask app developers in India before you hire their services;

1. Where can I see examples of apps you've developed? 

A qualified developer should be more than willing to show you a verified list of apps they have created for other reputable brands. Even if a developer has not been entirely responsible for an app development, they should present you with a list of apps they played a role in developing. Each app should have a link to the web or all the app stores depending on what type of app it is. 

From an examination of previously published apps, you'll be able to gauge the developer's skill, vision, and experience to produce what you want. 

 2. Can I have a talk with your references? 

It is important that you check out references as this will give you an opportunity to find out how responsive, reliable and professional your prospective developer is. For instance, you can ask if they delivered on time and within the specified budget. You should also ask how they work under pressure. 

The thing with requesting for references for your prospective developer is that some candidates will only offer you access to favorable references. So you should not depend on what they give you alone. Go to their social media business pages and find out what others think about them. Social media and business review sites are perfect places to find out the work ethics and capabilities of your prospective developer. 

 3. What kind of phone do you use?

The perfect way to get an insight on how knowledgeable and passionate your candidate is is to ask this question. If the developer claims to have knowledge about specific mobile platforms, they should have a phone to prove it. If they specialize in Android apps, they should have an Android phone, and they should play with their apps and the apps of other developers. 

 4. How can I make money with my app? 

If the major goal is revenue generation, then your developer should be able to offer ideas and features rear will help you monetize your app. There are several models you can opt for like the pay-per-download model which is typically between 99¢ to $4.99. It could cost more depending on what features it offers. 

If you want a free app, make sure your prospective developer has knowledge about in-app purchases, mobile display and the likes. 

 5. Do you prefer face to face conversations or messages? 

This is imperative because how your developer communicates will help determine how often you will get updates on your app. If you typically prefer instant messaging, let your prospective developer know. 

Building an app doesn't happen overnight. You shouldn't go for someone who agrees to unrealistic deadlines. This way, you'll get the best value for your money. 

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